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Rugby - Fedecas

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It is played in a pool with a depth of 3.5m to 5m and the baskets - where the ball is placed to score points - have a diameter of 40cm, are made of stainless metals such as aluminum and are fixed to the bottom of the pool. The game takes place between two teams (blue and white), each with six players on the field and five or six substitutes, who try to score points by placing the ball in the opposing team's basket. The ball has negative buoyancy due to the saline solution with which it is filled. It is a game that integrates speed, endurance and strength, in addition to the fact that player substitutions are made without stopping the game.

The game takes place completely under water, the ball at no time can rise to the surface and can be thrown in the form of a pass -in any direction- towards the other players.

The player can use different abilities, such as strength, speed, mobility or simply low oxygen consumption. Sometimes the game is played with mixed teams in which men and women are part of the same team.

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