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E sta specialty diving, diver prepares the orientation and navigation, enabling you to perform dives take more effective and safe. These various techniques are: estimating distances, observing the environment before, during and after the dive, navigating correctly, navigating with a compass, navigating by making underwater patterns and relocating dive sites. It is a specialized activity in which physical and intellectual demands are mixed, which by adding speed becomes a sport.

The Underwater Orientation tests are carried out in free and deep waters over fixed distances that are stipulated in the rules of the different tests. The competitors, always submerged, must reach or skirt the circuits marked with buoys until they reach the planned area. Its route is observed from the surface, through its safety buoy.

Underwater Orientation competitions “are based on the principle of underwater execution of orientation and search exercises with the help of a compass and meter counter. The participant advances under the water, thanks only to his own muscular strength.

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